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Ricky Fitzpatrick: Music


(Ricky Fitzpatrick)
June 3, 2013
Copyright 2013 Ricky Fitzpatrick Music and Our Apple Valley Home Songs. Words & Music, by Ricky Fitzpatrick. Published 2013 by Pitch A Fitz Music Publishing (BMI)

Bicycle - Ricky Fitzpatrick, coverIf you don’t know what easy rider grips are…if you’ve never heard of a banana seat…then Bicycle might not be a song that hits as close to home as it would’ve, otherwise. Still, I hope you hear it and can’t help yourself. :)

I hope you can’t be still, can’t stop tapping your foot, can’t stop the urge to do that John Travolta disco thing. (You know...where you point your finger up over your head.)
Even though Bicycle is supposed to be a song for kids, maybe it can also be a song for the kids inside us too. I can say, it brings out the kid in me every time I sing or play it. I really do dig this song, man.
I hope you enjoy it too, I hope you tell somebody about it, and I hope you groove. I hope your kids have a ball, I hope they dance like fools, and I hope they won't stop singing it in the car. And I totally hope you can’t stop singing… “money in my pocket, chain on my sprocket.”



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Helmet on my head
And I'm cruising the neighborhood.
Candy apple red
And my bicycle is looking good.
I don't need gasoline.
Pedal power moves me.
Coasting fly. Rolling lean.
Everything is groovy (on my)
Bicycle. Bicycle.
You can get in line
If you want a ride (on my)
Bicycle. Bicycle.
Money in my pocket.
Chain on my sprocket. Yeah.
Easy rider grips.
Leather banana seat.
All my friends are flippin’
While they're checking out my scenery.
Feelin cool, after school.
Everybody knows
I'll be two-wheel tripping,
Cause that's how I roll. (On my)
Copyright 2013 Ricky Fitzpatrick and Our Apple Valley Home Songs. Words & Music by Ricky Fitzpatrick. Published 2013 by Pitch A Fitz Music Publishing (BMI)