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Ricky Fitzpatrick: Five On The Five

Five Minutes with Benny Hester

Posted on December 17, 2014 with 0 comments

One day, I’ll look back over my life, and recounting a list of the coolest things I ever got to do, I’ll recall being on the phone with one of the most influential songwriting figures of the last half-century, Benny Hester. It almost doesn’t seem possible, that a relatively “local” guy like me, could not only interview, but have a conversation with someone like Benny Hester. That can’t possibly be how it works, right?!

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Five Minutes with MĂ©lanie Watt

Posted on December 15, 2014 with 0 comments

If you have kids, chances are you’ve heard of (because they’ve heard of) Scaredy Squirrel. Your kids have almost certainly either read the award-winning series of best-selling books or watched the shows on Cartoon Network. Or both.

If you’ve heard of Scaredy Squirrel and you don’t have kids, well…maybe you’re just a kid at heart. Which is also cool. :) And I’m sure is just fine with our next FOTF guest.


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Five Minutes with John Elefante

Posted on December 8, 2014 with 0 comments

I can distinctly recall, way back in “the old days” (as my kids call them) of the 80’s, I was sitting in my room just starting to play through a brand-new compilation album of Christian Rock music (Soaring Vol 2), and listening to Valerie, by Sweet Comfort Band. I didn’t even know who those guys were (shame on me), but this particular song jumped up and got a hold of me. It was perfect. The sound and the music were amazing. Definitely an aha moment for me as a musician. I grabbed my liner notes to find out who the producers were: John & Dino Elefante. Never heard of 'em before.

But I never forgot them.

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Five Minutes with Ty Murray

Posted on December 5, 2014 with 0 comments

Ty Murray. Ty dadgum Murray. What guy out there does not think a world champion, bull-riding, Rodeo Hall of Fame cowboy is the most awesome dude alive? Ty Murray. Holy cow. I seriously got to talk to Ty Murray today. (read more...)

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Five Minutes with Jeff Kinney

Posted on November 24, 2014 with 0 comments

I can hardly imagine a Kid’s book series more popular than Diary of a Wimpy Kid by author (and cartoonist, actor, and game designer) Jeff Kinney. Every kid knows about, owns or has read at least one of the installments, and millions have seen the movies. So when I had the chance to grab a couple of minutes with Jeff, you can bet I was all over it.

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